Value Proposition

Our experience, hence our processes are grounded in the exceptional dynamics present in law firms. These experiential processes cut through the noise that can deprive you of the ability to hear what needs to be done, and lets us develop an array of solutions. These can range from subtle to dramatic -- all with a view to achieving your stated goals.

We work for you; but we will be steadfast in our belief that you are best served by an honest assessment of your transitional issues and options -- even when the assessment is something you would rather not hear.

Yours is a real-world operation, so ours are real-world solutions -- achievable from a financial and practical standpoint -- including guidelines for successful execution.

No doubt many will line up to offer advice; but unless they have walked in your shoes it is doubtful they understand what you face, or have experience with the subtle issues that can be the keys to success. And there are advisors that work with other industries on transitional matters. They lack the perspective to appreciate the distinct character of law firms. We have been there. We've done it. We know what is essential to successful transition. And we are committed to be a singular resource for law firm leaders.