Law firm crisis is not a planned event. Deferred maintenance or the rush of events can take a firm to a darker place. Warning signs often go unrecognized leaving a firm unprepared. So when crisis unfolds firms fall into a place where “normal” is a memory replaced by chaos, trauma and grave concern. Dealing with crisis can be a jarring experience for law firms and their leaders. In crisis, Hayse is a calming influence with solutions. In our experience crisis can be compounded by:

  • Uncertainty about the depth of the problem
  • Key contributors thinking selfishly instead of institutionally
  • Adverse publicity in the marketplace
  • Financial strain
  • Uncertainty amongst leadership
  • Fear among personnel

To solve crisis and restore control to the firm, we:

  • Quickly identify the core issues and problems
  • Perform a triage so that problems and their solutions are prioritized
  • Develop a recovery plan that gains owner and personnel buy-in
  • Recommend steps to relieve financial strain
  • Guide leadership in assuming a curative and soothing role
  • Calm the turbulent waters roiling throughout the firm